There are many different types of yoga and each has its own characteristics and advantages. , By the fundamental to any kind of yoga, you can determine what is appropriate for you.

Hatha Yoga is one of the most widely used and a divine practice that concentrates on the physical aspects to derive mental, emotional and physical health. It goes back to the fifteenth century and founded by Yogi Swatmarama, a wise teacher. Hatha yoga is known as "Hatha Vidya" with "ha" means sun and "tha" means moon, and together they are the "Nadis" or the flow of energy in the body and need to "dhyana" a function of meditation.

The full term of the ancient Hatha Yoga is a path that includes the divine moral and ethical, exercises, breathing and meditation. Hatha yoga practices, ranging from western practitioners largely on Poznan. Both hatha and raja yoga concentrate on the physical aspects and are collectively known as Astanga yoga.

The main difference is that Raja Yoga will focus on the "asanas" or poses to the body for prolonged meditation.

On the other hand, Hatha yoga creates harmony in body and mind through exercises, breathing and relaxation of the spirit of relaxation and meditation. The adoption of various makes, it can prevent health problems or constipation to cancer.

Raja Yoga is known as the king of yoga and is also available on the "classical Yoga or Astanga Yoga." It is a practice that can affect the momentum and the harmony of the spirit of yoga poses. Raja Yoga is also capable of your feelings in addition to your posts in Raja yoga postures. In Indian culture, the spirit of men over the body thus raja.

Astanga known than eight limbed yoga and the eight goals of Raja Yoga Raja Yoga to master: "Yama" is the application and observance of moral. "Niyama" remain faithful to their own spirituality. The practice in India, as the observance of religious traditions and celebrations.

"Asana" is subjecting your body to the various poses, and relaxation to increase flexibility. "Pranayama" keep a proper breathing technique to not constantly thinking about the past, as reflected in the superficial breathing. "Prana", usually on the "life force" in the Hindu. "Pratayahara" by forming their own force of will and mind, without the influences from outside.

"Dharana" is the observation of meditation, "Dhyana," it is, even detachment. This is by far the most difficult goal of Raja Yoga to be clarified. An absolute ideal is to be free of emotional or material binding to and harmonize with God and the universe itself, take your own food, oxygen and sleep. Once your body flexibility, it will fit your needs and desires. "Samadhi", the highest level, with God, the nirvana state of Raja Yoga.

While Ivengar concentrate on the correct orientation and the shape of the body and cling to it for a long time the change is as Ashtanga yoga. Props are also in ivengar yoga to achieve alignment.

One of the most widespread types of Yoga Bikram Yoga is practiced, and it is forty degrees and forty per cent humidity. It was developed by Bikram Choudhury and the main philosophy is to improve breathing and body movement and suppleness in the body. The increased temperature will induce the blood to flow.

Bikram Yoga has 26 positions and two full breath control. Bikram Yoga is taught by trained and licensed practitioners to create a safe environment for those who are. This type of yoga you will be supple body with a better blood flow, the ability to manage breathing along with many other benefits.

Besides the few types of yoga, the above-mentioned, other forms of yoga, but to start with yoga, it is best to deal with one of these important species. A rough idea of all these species have large, you can use other forms of yoga. For beginners, Astanga Yoga is ideal because all the other various functions can be picked up from there.

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