Which asanas and techniques would be best in an office where space is an issue for office yoga classes? Pranayama is very important, but let us solutions for the yoga pose, and better blood circulation in the legs, in a finite amount of space.

If you are on the borders of the cabin for space, you can take care of your back, release the muscle tension, and get the circulation in the legs with Office Yoga. There are many Office Yoga postures (asanas), and yoga exercises in order, but here are four that you work during the day.

Leg Circles - You can leg circles in a variety of ways. You can use a single cycle leg to the front and rear - as you would a bicycle. You can also use the same motion with two legs at once. The cycling movement is most commonly seen at the shoulder, but we sit in an office chair for this one. Through the use of two legs at once, the abdominal muscles and arms, is a bit difficult.

Leg Circles can also be carried out, like the Pilates leg circle. This movement is committed to inner and outer thigh muscles. But the main advantage for office workers will be traffic in the legs to prevent swelling, through the pooling of fluid in the lower legs, and to prevent blood clotting.

Camel (Ustrasana) on a chair - this is a movement back bending. Office workers should do this four to eight times or more per day to provide all the natural slouching from staring at the computer screen.

However, this curve back, come from the middle of the back. It is important to make sure to avoid back pain and to prevent hyper-extending his neck. People with back and neck problems should consult their doctor before practicing Camel posture.

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana) on a chair - you want your sit bones halfway forward in your chair yoga for this position. This forward bending movement planning is a good "counter are" to camel position. You should not force your body into a deep seated forward bend posture. Your breathing should be your guide to the amount of depth you find comfortable. The spine should be as straight as possible.

Seated Spinal Twist - There are many variations of seating Spinal Twist, but the spine should be straight while holding this position. Some variants are focused on the lower, middle or upper back. You can also cross your legs, or have your feet flat on the ground. Therefore, you can Mix It Up for the best results.

The breath must not take place during the execution of a Seated Spinal Twist, even if it is of course possible, that to do so. Seated Spinal Twist lubricates the spine, aid in digestion, increases the elasticity of the connective tissue of the spine, preventing back pain, and massages the internal organs.

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